"As a charity, we need to make sure that we use any money we have in the most cost effective manner.

We have used consultancy services from Hill Lane Consulting for two projects having found that the skills provided and the dedication to the National Trust have been outstanding. The quality of the work is excellent, should the opportunity arise we will use Hill Lane Consulting on future projects."

National Trust

At the heart of your business is your data. Your data helps you to identify opportunities and this intelligence is key to expanding and becoming more profitable.

Its important to maintain the infrastructure on which your data resides, this is where a Database Administration service can be extremely useful to ensure your data is available, maintained and can be recovered should the worst happen.  

  •  We can help maintain your data and infrastructure, a summary of the kind of services we can offer are listed below. If any of interest, please do contact us via the Contact Us Page

  1. DBA Services for Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server Platforms. Please contact us if you have a platform not listed.
  1. Backup and Recovery Services
  2. Space Management
  3. Performance Tuning
  4. Upgrades and Patching